Congratulations Erica!

Congratulations Erica!

We are all over the moon to announce that we have our first Uk Baby Shower Co baby girl!!

Congratulations to Erica, Martin and the boys on their newest addition!

Quite a few people have asked what we did at Erica's shower so we thought we should share....

First up we handed out the Prediction cards for which we used the pink stars range. Once filled in these were collected back in for Erica to take home with her at the end of the evening as a cute keepsake.


  Then were on to our first game. We started with Who Knows Mum Best to break the ice. Everyone filled their sheets out then passed to the guest next to them so there was no cheating! I am pleased to say that everyone did superb and answered most questions :)


On to our second game - Put the Nappy On The Baby which was hilarious! For this game everyone went into pairs and was told that one guest had to be baby and one the mummy. The mummy was given a toilet roll (the cheaper the better as it makes the game harder) and had several minutes to make a nappy on the baby. As it approached the end of the few minutes we gave a 10 second count down then it was toilet paper down and line up time!

We let Erica decide who the winner was.

Half way through now so it is everyone's favourite time - The buffet!

We put on a simple spread with sandwiches and sausage rolls and a few guests with cake baking skills added some gorgeous cakes. We even had our very own cheese and pineapple hedgehog courtesy of Jan (who also very naughtily supplies our elevenses most days!)


 During the buffet some guests took advantage of the photo wall we created with crepe paper rolls, honeycomb balls and a foil balloon banner. We left out a pack of our baby themed Photo Props for some cheeky snaps.



We played one final game which was Pin The Dummy On The Baby which as always was a scream. Its funny how you think you are close with the blindfold on however you are actually miles away! (Mummy to be had to set back on track lol - Sorry Erica!)


Finally Mum to be had a chance to open some rather gorgeous presents including a fabulous nappy cake shaped as a moses basket.



Time to say goodbye and thank you to all Erica's friends and family for coming. We put together some popcorn Favour Bags to collect on the way out as a little thank you to our guests.



Happy Baby Shower Erica & Congratulations from all of us here at Uk Baby Shower Co Ltd xxxxxxxxx



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Casting call from our friends at the BBC

Casting call from our friends at the BBC

Ladies, If you are interested in taking part in this BBC documentary you can either make contact via the details on the flyer or please free to email us on as we also have a direct contact at the studios.Sav

Baby Shower Favour Ideas

Baby Shower Favour Ideas

One question we are regularly asked is - 'What are baby shower favours and what are they for?' Well, wonder no more they are simply a small token gift which is either given to guests to say thank you for coming and/or handed out as prizes for baby shower games. Whilst the baby shower is all about celebrating mummy to be we think its a lovely idea to include guests in the celebration with a little gesture.

We have put together a list of 10 great favour ideas for your guests so check it out below;

1, Baby Jar Candle

alt="Baby shower candle in a jar favour "

We love these upcycled baby jars which have been turned into candles. You can buy wax from hobby shops, online candle making stores or even some supermarkets stock kits. Simply add stickers or ribbon or just pop in an organza bag.

2, Fillable Bottles

alt="hot chocolate baby shower favours, baby bottles filled with chocolate powder and marshmallows"

A fantastic favour for a winter baby shower - these hot chocolate bottles are always very popular! Simply fill with hot chocolate and marsh mallows or if necessary a layer of powdered milk too. Then if you wish, add a tag or label to personalise.

3, Sweet Pails

Favour pails are perfect to fill with any sweet of your choice. In this picture we feature our Tiny Feet Favour Pails teamed with these super cute Rock Sweets. You can add anything from bonbons to peppermints and when the guest has emptied the pail these also make gorgeous tea light holders!

4, Marshmallow pops

alt="pink marshmallow pop baby shower favour. marshmallows stuck on straws and rolled in sprinkles"

These marshmallow pops not only taste delicious but they look gorgeous too. Cheap to make and easy to put together they will look great on and table. For instructions on how to make head to

5, Bubbles

A very popular wedding table option which is now catching on for baby showers, why not add these gorgeous Baby Miffy Bubbles to your table.

6, Ready to pop

alt="ready to pop baby shower favour, popcorn in a scalloped treatbox inside cello bag sealed with ribbon and label"

Very much on trend at the moment is the popcorn favour. Nearly always featuring a label or tag saying 'Ready to pop' this low cost favour is simple and effective. Add popcorn to a treat box or a cello bag and finish with a ribbon.

7, Sweetie Cone,

alt="baby shower sweet cone favour. Clear cone shapped cello bag filled with sweets and finished with a ribbon tie and label with baby shower date on"

The humble sweetie cone. Once the easy answer to replace the annoying party bag at children's birthdays the cone has now been adapted for baby showers. A versatile idea, cones can be filled with sweets, popcorn, hot chocolate powder and marshmallows or even bath salts with a loofah sponge in the top!

8, Nail Varnish

alt="Baby shower nail varnish favours. Bottles with personalised labels stood in front of thank you plaque and flowers"

These can be as expensive or as cheap as you like (especially with the rise of the 99p shop). Add to an organza bag or decorate with a ribbon or label to add a bit of pizazz.

9, Soap

alt="Baby shower soap favours, blue soaps with labels that says - from my shower to yours"

In particular we love the slogan that comes with these soap bars we found on Pinterest - 'From my shower to yours'. Need we say more?

10, Seed Packs

alt="baby shower favour seed bag. Brown paper bag filled with flower seeds and personalised label added"

For those gardeners among you, why not put together the gift of mother nature. The seed packs we have seen are very cute and easy enough to add a personalised label to.

We hope you have found this list helpful, dont forget to check our our Favours category for some great favours you can purchase right now.

Discount Code

Discount Code

Kicking off this spring with a cheeky 20% discount for all you yummy mummys - simply enter 'SPRINGSALE20' at the checkout when spending over £25!

Happy Showers!!

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

Hello and welcome to our brand new website! We are so excited to be sharing our fantastic range of baby shower games and decorations and hope that you love them all as much as us all here at Uk Baby Shower Co.

To celebrate our launch we are giving away 2 x party packs of your choice. To enter this draw simply go to - and Like, Share & comment the pack you want to win and/or go to - and Follow, RT and comment your choice of pack. Winners will be announced 01/05 - Good luck!

Over the coming weeks we will be filling our new blog with great tips and articles for all of you who are new to baby showers so check back for new ideas!

Also we will be trying to answer some of those golden questions such as 'When should I throw a baby shower?' and 'How much will it cost to throw a baby shower?'

But for now we are wishing all you yummy mummy's very happy showers

From everyone here at Uk Baby Shower Co!!

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